Keeping your Linux and Windows Machines updated with Azure!

In this Episode, we are joined with our colleagues Allen Brokken and Shannon Kuehn on how they leveraged components of Azure to introduce automation for a customer to keep 1000’s of VMs updated regardless of where the infrastructure is running! This was accomplished using in-built capabilities in Azure called update management and a component called Hybrid runbook workers. This is […]

Tales from the Breakdown Lane: Real World stories of customer mistakes

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ― Albert Einstein. When it comes to cloud computing, I’m in full agreement with Albert Einstein. Deploying and operating workloads in the cloud, especially at scale, is functionally different than on premises and it’s important to review and apply some of the recommended practices and practices we provide […]

Cloud Governance: Starting with a Plan

Cloud computing allows you to move at a rapid pace, but thankfully Azure has capabilities to introduce guard rails without being too imposing. Check out our conversation with Principal Program Manager from Patterns and Practices, Derek Martin, about his experiences helping and guiding customers to establish governance plans. Microsoft has guides geared towards small and large enterprises available here. Derek […]

Streamline Your Business, Engage Customers and Reduce Costs with Azure AI and Bots!

Join us as we talk with our CSA colleague Melissa Lacefield and learn how she’s leveraged the power of the Bot framework to address some of her customer’s challenges. In this session we also walk through the basics of creating a Q&A bot in the Azure portal! Azure QnA Maker Details. New to Azure?  Create a trial subscription here: